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Did you know there is an estimated  $250 million in unclaimed royalties? The hard truth is, if you don't have publishing, your royalties are going to someone else who didn't work on your song.

We help you access those royalties by working directly with 50+ pay sources throughout the world to register and collect on your music. So you can access what you're due. Contact Us!



Music artist release and royalty management 

Book release and royalty management

Lost royalties, overages, excess funds, locate, track, and collect 

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Music artist royalty contract acquisitions  

Real Estate, notes, and startup acquisitions and management.

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Create, License, Publish, Collect


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Award Winning

Create, License, Publish, Collect

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A free 30 minute consultation with us at L & L Presley, we shall be able to determine if you are receiving all your proper music royalties worldwide.


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