Happy Mothers Day


A Gift to all artists and management companies

The Presley Foundation

Here is the step by step system to register and gain 100% of your music royalties including a debit card. Maximum correct management of royalties. 

1. Register to get a debit card. International money management.    http://share.payoneer.com/nav/oh_eay47TRRsFPbrJeRpcXGD8wCzy2IYbNsft1U0X5YHENnBSNhH28C-LlClUsOKwtMDrnMuUxtzv08pDRsVgA2  This you can join as a management company and then send a referral link for you both to get $25 each. for the referral, by referring to many artists you make good money.

2. Register all your copyrights https://www.copyright.gov/registration/

3. Register a Music Publishing company with BMI and activate BMI Live to also add all your live shows for royalty live payments from license fees.

4. Register with Sound exchange for live streaming royalties.

5. Register to release your music through Distro kid, for record label master rights royalties. and international distribution.
https://distrokid.com/ By also adding your own Music Label, such as ours is "3764 Music"

6. Register at Songtrust to gain worldwide royalties 

7. This will also include all your cover royalties in Harry Fox and other cover licenses. You get 50% of a cover song, master rights royalties.

8. Register Youtube and social media

9. Register taxi music licensing in movies https://www.taxi.com/

10. Register for IMDB pro to sell music in movies. 

11. Develop a brand and market it, distribution is not marketing. 

12. Make sure you release and build a professional catalog

13. Get in front of 500,000 people. 

14. Register for Neilson Soundscan Chart Registration


15. Make sure all your music has an IRSC code through Distrokid. 

16. VEVO video distribution. https://hq.vevo.com/artists

17. Get an agent to get you deals, you do not need a manager.

18. Get a music business entertainment lawyer for all contracts. 

19. Get a website and professional branded image.

20. Manage this all perfectly for a successful career.

21. Spotify for Artists   https://artists.spotify.com/

22. Amazon for Artists   https://artists.amazon.com/

23. Get on and create playlists 

24. Download the Splits app for songwriter Splits to keep your music royalty agreements legal, without Lawsuits. https://createmusicgroup.com/splits

25. Artists should list all your works with Allmusic - https://www.allmusic.com/product-submissions

26. Music Supervisor for licensing in music and film.

27. ISRC Codes, the ISRC verifies the artist name, track title, album name, label name and Universal Product Code (UPC). The same ISRC applies to a recording whether it's released as a physical product, digital download, or stream. You can sign up as a label here for ISRC Codes. https://usisrc.org/applications/types.html  

28. Join Cloud Bounce for Low cost mastering.

29. Join Spinnup Distribution to get an in with Universal, instead of Distrokid

30. Join Abbey Road Studios for personal low cost mastering by some of the very best in the industry. 

31. You don't need to worry about cover song licensing if you are with Distrokid, they deal with that, and or Songtrust

32. Harry fox agency is the best cover song licensing we recommend. Join on their site. 

33. When Harry fox does not have the song you need to license, then try. Easy Song. 

34. Get an official Artist Channel through YouTube, and your distributor. 

35. For vinyl records you need Vinylify. 

Go Get 'em.....