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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This classic typewriter carries an honourable history. It was the vital tool in all-important communication stemming from Station List Publishing in St. Louis, Missouri throughout the nation.

Austin Porter Leland founded and presided over the company for a long tenure. He was very proud that he originally had the insight to develop this valuable outgrowth of the Southwest Freight Bureau, governed by his father, Fred Leland.

This essential publishing company was the highly regarded and much-needed engine that gathered and published all of basic, detailed and ongoing data and tariff information that for many years served as the “bible” source that kept the freight railroad industry in the United States going…on track!!! It was The List that everyone in the business referred to and relied on.

This unique typewriter lent its handy keys to Mr Leland’s assistant/secretary/”right arm”, Dorothy Johnstone for years of devoted service.

It is wonderful that this special typewriter, in its perfect condition, holds its historic value, and in its memory, it is now a meaningful part of L&L Presley LLC.

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