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Terms Of Service - Agreement - Publishing Contract


‚ÄčNew book titles/authors and Re-published titles/ authors


You, the client, agree by hiring us, you are under contract with us for the creation and publishing of your book, or books. 


Per Marble Book Publishers agreement: A new book title is an unpublished book title. We consider a new author to be an author who has not published their book on any other platform. Re-published books are previously published works.


Who we are: Marble Book Publishers provides services to our clients. Entering into publishing contracts with our clients. Royalties are processed through the publishing platforms so that our clients receive their royalties directly into their own bank accounts and not the accounts of Marble Book Publishing. We have no% fees; you receive 100% of your royalties, less the publishing platforms fees monthly and there is no monthly minimum royalty payouts.


Your books will be published under the imprint of "Marble Book Publishers" All your ISBN's shall be the imprint of " Marble Book Publishers" This allows us to admin manage your books to the highest level of service and standards, by making sure everything has been performed under the highest level of industry standards. This does not mean we own your works, you own your works, we are merely operating under the role of Admin publishers, managers for your books. We do however own the ISBN numbers under the imprint of "Marble Book Publishers" and any move of the publisher, shall require you to get new ISBN numbers from your new publisher and we will set your books to be out of print, for our versions of your works. 


You agree by adding your credit or debit card, bank account via our merchant processor, to all fees and charges for the services we perform for you, and there are no refunds of any kind because we cannot take back Coaching knowledge and publishing of your books. We based the fees we will charge you on the services you hire us for and the costs are clearly on the front page of our website. We communicate with our clients, via phone and email often, so there are no reasons for you to not fully understand our fee schedule for the work you require. Any discounts agreed with you will appear on your invoices and receipts.


This service agreement may be updated at any time and you agree to those updates and they are clearly here for you to view.


The platforms we publish your book through will be Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Audiobooks are published through Author Republic. Those companies send your royalties directly to you, Not Marble Book Publishers. When a new author registers with each of the above platforms, Marble Book Publishers expects the author to agree to the platform’s contracts. Those contracts have nothing to do with Marble Book Publishers.  We do not publish on Amazon’s Select! Amazon Select limits authors who publish through Select. An author who uses Amazon Select is not allowed to sell their books anywhere else. We in addition reach well over 200 platforms, within 9 countries and languages, and our services are full service, from the creation of your book to traditional book and movie deals for bestsellers. Not guaranteed. 


By paying us and working with us, you agree, you have read and agree to not change how Marble Book Publishers sets up your publishing accounts on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. To consult with us on all matters related to your accounts.


We offer book publishing that exceeds today’s modern market. We publish your new book in digital, paperback, hardcover, audio, and now in an Android App.


If you do not wish to have a paperback or a hardcover, that is fine. Marble Book Publishers offers this service. You can choose not to have printed books. This is an automatic process when you partake in our services. Please let us know right away if you don’t want printed books. If you choose to not have printed books, we may adjust your account for that choice. Should you choose to change your mind later, we will charge you a fee equal to what we took off your account. You agree with this!


If you have a book cover all ready, that's fine, we will pdf trim size your book to be the correct sizes for today's market, and update your covers and books for you automatically through time. Included in your yearly maintenance fee of $499.00.


Our number one goal is to create happy thriving authors who climb their way to their Best-Selling dream. Our company streamlines your book's mobile audience. We publish in over 9 countries, and in hundreds of bookstores and libraries, this includes, but is not limited to, Amazon.


New Author’s, submit your finished manuscript. We fully design, edit, and format your book. If you do not have a cover designed, Marble Book Publishers will design a cover for you that matches your story.


 "Royalty Protect" means that YOU Keep 100% of your ownership and royalty rights. New Author’s Receive an Author page that is specific to them. New Author’s also receive a customized 4k book promotion video.  


Please keep in mind that New Author’s need to supply a well-drafted Author Biography. This needs to be at least 4 paragraphs. The Author is also responsible for their own images unless we agree at the beginning of our process that we supply images. Anyone but the author must not copyright images. Marble Book Publishers will charge extra for images at our discretion, and we cannot supply the author with their portrait. That is up to the author.


Our publishing includes a Google news listing, and a customized press release. We also include ongoing coaching. Our coaches prepare you and your book for traditional book & movie deals. We coach you for 1 year. This is renewable. Let our Best Selling, highly skilled, and qualified award-winning design team create the dream you have envisioned for your book.


By paying and hiring us, you attest and agree to our service agreement, contract, and fees. Located on llpresley.com. That we have made no other agreement between us, written or oral.